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Location: The location of the class may change contingent upon number of participants registered.  You will receive a class reminder (4) four calendar days preceding the class with the final class location.  If needing special accommodations please submit an email request prior to registration.  These request must be made ten (15) fifteen calendar days prior to training class or exam. Late Registration: Late registration fee of ($60.00) sixty dollars will be charged on all registration that requires physical product to be shipped.  This cost is to cover cost of overnight shipping.  Registration closes at the close of business hours (6pm) five (5) Calendar days prior to the training or exam Eastern Standard Time. Registration is not complete until payment is received in full.  Communication: If you do not receive an email conformation after registration please view your junk or spam folder. In order to ensure proper delivery of emails about classes add fpmc@dmvfoodsafety.com to your address book. DMV Food Safety and its instructors are not responsible if your email provider filters email correspondence.   Class Size: All in-person classes have the maximum of 35 people per instructor. We reserve the right to combine classes within a 60-mile radius to meet class minimum of six (6) participants. You will be notified of a date reschedule or location change via email 3 calendar days prior to the class or exam date. Classes with less than the minimum are subject to be rescheduled and are non-refundable. Please review Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Training & Exam Details before registering for class. Proctored Exam (s): All Certificate(s): All certificates are mailed to the address used when registering for training.  DMV Food Safety is not responsible for mail not delivered by United States Postal Service. Computer exam participants will receive their certificate via within 48 business hours from successful exam date. Print exam participants will receive their certificate by US Mail within 15 – 30 calendar days from successful exam date. Rescheduling Policy:  DMV Food Safety does not re-schedule until class registration is closed. DMV Food Safety reserves the right to reschedule any training or exam due to class size, sickness, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances and maybe under registration closing date.   DMV Food Safety reserves the right to combine classes in order to meet class minimums within a 60-mile radius of the class that the person has registered. If the class has been re-scheduled, your registration will be moved to the next class that will be held within 60-mile radius of the original registration within 60 days and you will be notified via email of the day & time of training registration. Training may be rescheduled multiple times in a 60 day time period from the original class date until class minimum is met. If an attendee needs to re-schedule prior to day & time class registration has closed.  They may attend any class that DMV Food Safety holds any time up to 12 months with no extra cost.  If participant needs to reschedule after the date & time class registration has closed, there will be a $60 rescheduling fee charged in addition to the class fee to attend the class.  The $60 must be paid prior to the re-scheduled class date. No refunds/credits will be given for missed or participant cancellation. No Show Attendance: If participant does not attend the scheduled/re-scheduled training or exam. They may attend any class that DMV Food Safety holds any time up to 12 months with a $60 rescheduling fee.  The $60 fee must be paid prior to the re-scheduled class date. No refunds/credits will be given for missed or participant cancellation. Refund Policy: All training/exam registrations are final unless DMV Food Safety does not conduct training/exam within 60 days from the original training/exam date with in a 60 mile radius of the original class location.  NO REFUNDS ON TRAINING MATERIALS, ONLINE TRAINING COURSES, SALES TAX AND SHIPPING/HANDLING. Pass Assurance: DMV Food Safety does not guarantee any passing grade on any examination. If the class attendee does not pass the exam, they may re-test at a discounted price if these conditions are met: Must register for class prior to class registration cut off. Discounted training and retest are only for people that have attended DMV Food Safety training & exam sessions. Online training, self-study and exam do not qualify for discount. Must request the retraining with 6 months of original training date and after 1st failed proctored exam. Can attend the training session re-test for 50% of the training cost fee only one time. IP Address: IP Addresses are recorded and linked to all training/exam registrations.  IP Address & Payment for training/exam are considered a signature on a contract and you have agreed to the training & details. Credit Card Payments: All credit cards are processed the date registration is made and through a secure third party website with SSL encryption.  DMV Food Safety does not maintain credit card information or process credit cards on its websites.  If a credit card, charge-back is initiated by the registrant a fraud investigation will be conducted with all information concerning the registration, payment and IP address used by law enforcement, regulatory, your credit card issuer, and our credit card processor.  All certifications are placed on hold or voided by the issuing party and the regulatory agency will be notified to suspend or revoke all licenses and/or permits related to certification to operate business.  If no fraud is found during the investigation on behalf of DMV Food Safety, the registrant of training is responsible for all fees related to collection of credit card charge back.  The fees may include postage, shipping, administrative and legal fees.  These fees must be paid prior to reinstating certification to reissue licenses or permits.  The registrant of training will be responsible for all fees to reissue licenses or permits to operate business. Check Payments: Only for Corporate Partners Americans With Disabilities Act: DMV Food Safety wishes to make all training session reasonably accessible by persons with disabilities as required by Title III (Public Accommodations and Services Operated by Private Entities) of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  The attendee will provide DMV Food Safety in writing at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to training session and prior to payment submission of determined special needs accommodations.
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