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DMV Food Safety “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.”  ― Audrey Hepburn
Our Mission is To Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving! Certified-2-Home Campaign To live in a shelter is not a comfortable or happy feeling. Many residents just need a new start and more income. Giving individuals the opportunity to receive their Food Protection Manager Certification is just the first step. The food service industry has the potential for the employee to grow; giving them an opportunity to increase their earning potential. My name is Erica Walker and I am the founder of DMV Food Safety and a former DC Homeless Shelter resident. Having a place to call home is a luxury that many of us take for granted and don’t worry what the night or tomorrow may hold. But, WORRY...is a constant fact of many people that reside in the shelters. Will they find a job to help them find a home; will mice and roaches crawl on them throughout the night; are their children safe; will someone try to have their children removed from their care since they can’t provide a decent home?  These are feelings no one wants to endure. Myself, along with countless others have experienced or are currently experiencing some of those fears and would not wish them on nobody.  Therefore, my need to give back is personal; however, I cannot do it alone. We all have a story to tell and a journey that we must travel. Our paths may be rough; we may have setbacks and stumbles. Nevertheless, along the way there is always a person that will help wipe our tears, put us back on track, or give a fresh start. Please help me, as I help homeless individuals establish self-sufficiency by obtaining their ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification which is the first step toward working in the food service industry and the stepping stone to moving out of the shelter into their own home. Furthermore, your generous gift will help add new people to the workforce as Certified Food Service Professionals. Goal: To raise $10, 000 to provide training to 100 individuals living in Homeless Shelters or Transitional Homes in Washington, DC, Virginia or Maryland. The more we raise - the more we can help.  However, there is no gift too great or small. What Will Clients Receive: ServSafe Training Materials Pens, Pencils and Notebooks Classroom Instruction Proctored Print (Online - Based on # of Participants) Exam Cost Per Client: $120.00 Donation: Please click here to make a donation. Shelter Inquires: If you are a shelter or transitional home looking to link services please send an email to certified2home@gmail.com.  Instructors and Proctors: If you are ServSafe Certified and Registered as a Proctor/Instructor, and would like to donate your time to this wonderful mission, please send an email to FPMC@dmvfoodsafety.com.
Certified-2-Home Campaign Thank you for your donation Your generosity is a gift that will keep giving back to others. THANK YOU!