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“According to estimates by World Health Organization (WHO), foodborne and waterborne diarrheal diseases are causing about 2.2 million deaths annually; 1.9 million of them are children. In addition to young children, elderly and people with weakened immune systems, and those under malnourished conditions are at risk for foodborne diseases, which is a growing public health concern in the world.” An essential component to minimize the risk of foodborne diseases and the transmission of contaminants in the food it is to receive proper food protection training. DMV Food Safety will help you understand the state and local laws, regulations that directly affect the food industry. The principal objective of DMV Food Safety is to bring awareness of food safety to the DMV. We offer classes online (Bilingual in English and Spanish) or in the classroom in English, (Spanish & Chinese w/translator). For facilities with fifteen or more trainees, we will bring the training to your door. Contact us directly to book a food protection training class on-site. ServSafe® Dual Certified Instructors and Registered Proctors provide all training and registered Exams. Upon completion of the ServSafe® Training and Passing the Exam you will receive your Food Protection Manager Certification. Another favorite part of DMV Food Safety is the fact that we give back to the community. The Founder, Erica Walker has begun a campaign to raise money to provide free training to individuals living in homeless shelters in DC, Maryland and Virginia. If you would like to learn more of this beautiful mission please click here.
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